Doris Bartelt studied costume design at the Toneelakademie, Maastricht and at Wimbledon College of Arts, London, where she also graduated. She has been working in costume ever since finishing her apprenticeship in couture/fashion in 2005.

In 2007 she first started working with the London costume house Sands Films, which opened up the world of period costumes to her. This has been a long lasting love.

She was drawn to textiles at an early age; and the fascination has never stopped. Textiles have existed for as long as human civilization, so the histories of textiles and humans are closely interwoven. Human beings express themselves through whatever they are wearing, often unaware that they are doing so. Every piece of clothing, whether antique or contemporary, can tell a story about its wearer.

For Doris, costume design has become a way of telling stories – in many cases this is very subtle. It means adding more layers to a film, theatre piece or a performance. There is a certain magic when a performer transforms into his/her character in the fitting.

Doris currently works from a cosy little studio in Berlin.

Enjoy exploring some of her work here!